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I know men don’t want to give up using porn. Why should they when they know they don’t have to? It’s there, it’s often free, it does the job they want it to do, and they’ve already convinced everyone that they’re entitled to do so. Maybe because it hurts the people involved in its production, it hurts the women who have to deal with men who use it, and because it hurts the women they are in relationships with. A man who uses porn while he’s in a relationship is basically saying to his partner, “I care more about the fact that I want jerking off to be quicker and easier than I do about the fact that someone I’m jerking off to might be being raped, about the fact that it hurts you and damages your self esteem and security in our relationship, about the fact that it is detrimental to our sex life.”
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honestly as a white person i’ve experienced more racism most people and i say this for two reasons

  1. i grew up in a city that was 70% non-white
  2. racism against white people is socially acceptable

i’m not bitching or whatever because i don’t care

but me being white doesn’t give someone the right to come into my place of work, throw a chair at me, and then tell me to ‘go back to europe’


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